Saturday, June 21, 2008

1965 Mustang

Here are a few shots of the Mustang for the motorheads and my daughter, Stasha. She likes my old car and thinks it should live in Arizona with her. We have the engine all done. The toploader 4 speed is about to come out. In its place will be a t-5 Borg Warner 5 speed. We have the 5 speed now. Need to gather a few more parts and then, this fall it will make its way into the Mustang. The interior is almost done. All that is left inside it to finish painting the doors and the rear area blue to match all the other blue we have put inside. It was all white. I hate white interiors. The seats are all covered, dash blue, and new headliner is in place. the car took second place to the GMC after we started rehabbing it in Sept 04. We hope to install dash air conditioning next year and then we will think about getting the new paint on it.
The old Mustang is more than a car to me. It is like part of the family. My dad got it for my 16th birthday. It is not for sale for any money, since I have owned it now for 38 years this week. Hope to have it ready to make one of the National Mustang runs before long. They run them on every 5th aniversary. Since they started selling in 64 next year will be the next one. I am not afraid to take this car anywhere, it is reliable. If we get the air installed we may just make next year in the primered state. Does not bother me to drive it primered. We will paint it blue when we get it ready. Have already quizzed a couple of body men.
At one time we had 4 Mustangs in the family. This one, my son's 68, my daughter's 91 gt, and a 95 Cobra. We were a Mustang family.

Oops, looks like Teri snapped my "quick" getaway. This thing will smoke em if you dump the clutch but that is not what I am building it for. I want a nice dependable daily driver that we can pull behind the motorhome or just take it on a drive across the country. The engine has 800 miles on it so its about broke in. All new lights and trim pieces are on it. I will put a new steering box in when we do the 5 speed swap and we should be ready to hit the road when it is not hot. I like air conditioning so that will be our next project, as I mentioned above.
Thanks for dropping in. We took the kids fishing again last nite. Had a blast. Are getting ready to travel across country next Sunday, week, after church. Maybe we can get some neat pictures as we travel old 50 across the US. Dodge City is in our sites, as well as Montrose Pass. Make sure to set aside a little time to ride with us back to the Pacific coast.


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