Thursday, June 12, 2008

Managing Resources

Today was a long productive one. I helped my friend Jim install a new waste tank in the Airstream trailer that he bought bought back in the Spring. We are not finished yet and will work more on it Friday. I will try to remember to take my camera with me tomorrow. He got this, 1973, rig at a bargain but the black tank was missing. Jim got a new one and has worked hard to get everything ready. It is a heated tank and the Airstreams are covered on the bottom. That is pretty neat til you need to work on one. This trailer is a 27 foot model and really laid out nice. It would be perfect for 2 folks. I like it.
When I came home, at 6pm, it was straight to a friend's pond for fishing with 4 grandchildren. What good times we have. I suspect the kids will remember these trips for a lifetime. My grandfather did so much with me that I feel I owe my grandchildren as much of my time as I can give them. We have one staying the night with us tonight. I took pictures but won't post them this time.
Teri and I were to leave on the 16th for California to get back in our coach. We have put that off at least one week, maybe two. Next week we will work at the local church youth camp. Our main reason for not leaving Monday. Teri has spent a lot of time getting us ready to hit the road. I am spending a good bit of time trying to decide our route. I believe we will 2 lane it across Ks. and Co. I like the slower pace and we can see lots of scenary that is missed traveling at 70 mph on the interstates. We can pick up I-70 in Grand Junction and travel it through Utah before getting back onto 2 lane 50. No doubt we can save lots of fuel this way. It will take us a couple of long days to get there but, I want to slow it down and enjoy our ride. It is not where we are going but the trip getting there.
We love spending winters with our daughter and family in Az. They treat us very special and we love their company. With the fuel prices what they are we are just not going to be able to run the GMC out there and back every winter. We will park it there this winter and bring it home in the Spring. We have got to manage our resources the best we can. And, I want to do it without missing out on the things we love so much. So, I am thinking maybe we can run onto an Airstream trailer and fix it up. Pull it to Az. and leave it. Then we have a place there anytime we want to be there and can leave the coach here for local trips and enjoyment. I think we can manage this by getting one that we can fix up to suit our needs. I am learning a lot about Airstreams by helping my friend Jim with his. I think this is the brand to have and if we do this Airstream will be our trailer. 27 feet will suit us just right if it is laid out to our liking. Managing our resources the best we can will keep us from having to work anymore than we just have to to keep going. Part time jobs for retired folks are not hard to find. We make very dependable employees and don't need benefits.
So, now you know what is going on at the Gregg house this week and what our plans are. Will keep you posted. Thanks for dropping in. Come on back when you have the time.


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