Friday, June 13, 2008

Airstream Refurbishing

Well, here are some photos of what has been going on the last couple days. I have been helping my friend, Jim, work on this 27 ft. Airstream. It is a 73 model. Not in bad shape but someone had taken the waste tank out. This is quite a deal to put back in. Jim ordered it from a place in Ca. Nearly 400.00 for the fiberglass 35 gallon tank. Had to have a case fabricated, another 150.00. These parts are expensive. I got on ebay tonight and found him a deal on 3 interior ceiling light covers. Got them new for half normal price.

Got lots of the interior out now and will start on that when we finish the waste tank and get the underpinning back up. We can really make this old trailer look good. Going to find a set of aluminum wheels for it. I want to sand the exterior and then buff and polish it out to mirror finish. That will ultimatly be Jim's decision. We have rewired the 12 volt section and installed an aftermarket converter that came with the trailer.

Some of the final work done today. I have learned a good bit about Airstreams helping Jim. I think Teri and I could find an older one and rebuild it to suit us. We could then pull it to Az. and leave it at our oldest daughter's Stasha, and not have to drive the motorhome back and forth. I have not discussed this with our daughter yet so don't say anything until I get a chance to feel her out on this. I bet the grandkids can convince their parents to let Granna and PD leave it there if they thought we would spend more time with them, and we would.
So, there you have it, the pictures I promised you last night. I will try to take more as we work on the interior. This old thing will clean up nicely. Jim wants it for deer hunting. I think it will be too nice for that when we finish but it belongs to him. I believe Teri and I could pull one of these to Az. with our Jeep Cherokee after I put an external cooler on the transmission.
Thanks for looking at the pictures. This is a fun project. Maybe we can get Teri involved on the interior.


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