Monday, May 19, 2008

Special Days

Every day is special but some more than others. When my 4 year old grandson called and said, "grandpa, we are going fishing, would you go with us?" how could I refuse. We had planned a trip last week but it rained. The three kids and their dad came and got me. We headed to one of our good friend's ponds. It was very windy but one of the ponds is down in a vally. We parked the truck and walked through the uncut hayfield to the pond. My 3 year old granddaughter got her line ready first and had it in the water. First cast a she had a crappie. Well, this was a little much for her older brother. He quickly got his ready and about the second cast he had one.

This went on for a couple hours. I believe they caught 10 keepers. These kids are serious about their fishing. Both of the older 2 are really good casters. It won't be long until their little brother is right in there with them. Right now he is more interested in touching the fish that they catch. He is not 2 years old yet.

This one was nearly as big as Rylan but he was going to touch it none the less.

Here come three tired fishermen. 2 of us beat them back to the truck. This was great and just priceless. I will never forget our fishing days. I hope the kids won't either. Thanks, Colsyn, for calling grandpa to go fishing.

So, what are these pictures? Well they are pictures of a great time for retired folks. We can go to Walmart at midnight and not have to worry about the crowds and can get through the checkout in under 5 minutes.

Only Teri can be seen in this aisle.

And, here she is again, all alone. This is just great. One of the retired people's little pleasures.

Like I said, this day was just priceless. I have to get in all the time with the kids that I can. Teri and I will be gone again next month for an extended stay in our coach out in the northwest.
Thanks for checking in and going fishing with us. I hope all of yall get quality time with your children and grandchildren. These are very impressionable times in the little people's minds. I love helping them make memories.


At May 26, 2008 at 8:30 AM , Blogger retirement travels said...

Great pictures of your grandkids. Aren't they a joy. Can't wait to see mine. Anne

At May 27, 2008 at 8:18 AM , Blogger Carol said...

Good blog Dan. Lost an hour of working time just reading. Stop when going through northern IN - we need to know you both better. Carol (and Ray)


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