Saturday, May 31, 2008

Logansport, on to Detroit

Teri and I just pulled into Logansport. The boys were up waiting on us even though it was 11 pm here. They are in the sack now. Teri grabbed a couple pictures but I am too tired to look at them. Was a good trip. We drove 3 to 5 miles under the speed limit. We were the only ones. Seems folks don't need to save the fuel dollars like we do. On the interstate, driving mostly 62-63 mph with aircondioner on, we got almost 33 mpg. When we hit the last 75 miles, 2 lane, we slowed to 55mph, speed limit, turned air off and was getting right at 37mpg. I will be traveling 2 lane highway 24 all the way to Toledo tomorrow. I hope I don't need the air. Would like to check the mileage. Folks, take the 2 lanes and slow down if you are concerned abou the price of fuel. I am getting 50 miles more per tank. Our Vibe holds 13 gallons and we make 400 miles plus. If I could get a tank on strictly 2 lane highway I bet I can make 430-450 miles per tank. Anyway, we are here. Took about an hour longer than normal but usually I am driving 5 miles over the limit instead of 5 under. I am getting used to it. I wonder when others will slow down? I am finding that 56 mph is a good running speed for mileage. Just can't do that on interstates without causing a hazzard.
We will get up and head to church in the morning. I will say my goodbyes and cut a trail for Motown. Should make it way before dark. Think it is 300 miles to where I am going, Romeo. Everyone take care and thanks for not complaining about the slow speed today. Teri loves it.
Ride on with me to Detroit tomorrow, if you can. I will be without Teri and Sam as they will be here playing with the 3 boys.


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