Monday, June 9, 2008

Nice Trip

Teri and I arrived back home Saturday afternoon almost 1 week exactly from the time we left. She had a great stay with our daughter and three boys in Indiana while I went on to my aunt and uncle's in Michigan. On my way back I stopped at my sister's for a nite. Wish I had taken some pictures there. We went over to Michigan International Speedway, 3 miles from her house. They were already getting ready for this week's Nascar Race. Her two boys have this gigantic dune buggy go cart that their mom and dad got them. WOW, that thing will run. I'd like to have one here for the grandkids when they come. My brother in law said it will run 45 mph. Has an 18 hp engine. We sure had fun riding up and down their airstrip on it. Will get pictures on the next trip.
The first photo is of a double screen drive in that I passed Friday morning. I took 2 lane blacktops all the way from Brooklyn Mi. to Logansport, In. Was a great ride. This was in southern Mi. and it was well kept. Good to see an old drive in still running. We have a couple of them just over west of here a few miles.

The second picture was taken as I came out of Elkhart, In. I guess these folks were picking peas. I thought it was strawberries til I realized it was not strawberry time yet. Anyway they were getting with it. Was about the only thing I saw going on in Elkhart. The place is not doing much. The rv plants are sitting pretty much idle. est thing I saw there was gas was 15 cents cheaper than up in Southern Mi. at 3.85 per gallon. Was good to see it still selling for 3.74 when we got back to Dexter, I guess.

I don't have pictures of our daughter and the 3 boys in my camera. Will get them from Teri and get some posted. While she was there they worked on one of the boy's rooms putting up ceiling tiles. We were rained out of a ballgame Friday afternoon. Rain was what was going on there last week. To follow are some shots of how wet things are there and in northern Il. I shot these on the way home Saturday. We got up and pulled out at 7am central time and were at the end of our 400 mile journey by 1 30 am, driving under the speed limit all the way. I felt really good. I passed 3 folks who were slowing down. Then, one of them passed me back. Oh well, I guess in time folks will drop their speed on the hiways. I can tell you just a few miles per hour will save a good bit of gas.

The fields along the side of the road look like lakes. Check out the guy on the little Harley. Boy, he likes getting wet much better than I do. He passed me right up.

Crossing the big Mighty Muddy. It was full at Cairo. Guess all that water is heading to New Orleans.

When we got home the phone was ringing. Look at what this little guy has. Colsyn, our soon to be 5 year old wanted grandpa and granna to see what he had been doing while we were gone. He has plans for us to do some fishing this week. Colsyn swore the fish was a 10 pounder. His dad said 6. No matter, it was a keeper. Check out the mouth on that sucker. Good job my little man.

As you know Teri and I love our grandkids. We try to spread our time out with them. We have one little guy turned 5 on the 6th. They are having a party for him today in Arizona. We will call Caleb in a couple hours to wish him a happy time. We have several June and July birthdays with our grandkids. 12 is a good number but we have number 13 coming in September. When will it stop? I don't know and I guess the more the merrier. We just try to spread our time with them all. Teri had a blast this week with the three in In. My short time with them was great. We visited and played but I did not have enough time with them. Next trip I guess.

Woops, I did not see that this one was twisted. Crank your monitor to the right and u can see that big mouth on that big fish being held by that fine grandson, Colsyn. I hope to get to fish with every grandchild. What more fun can kids have? This one is saving the big one so he can prove his "fish story". It will be mounted on his wall. Just wish I had been along.
Well, the grass is deep. I got to get moving. Then to call our oldest daughter, Stasha, and check in on the birthday party for Caleb. Stasha and the kids take good care of me when I am there for the winters. Can't wait to get back out there.
Hope yall enjoyed the ride. We had a great week and look forward to heading west in a couple of weeks.
Come on back in a few days. I am sure Sam and I will have something to tell you.


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