Friday, May 30, 2008

Times To Remember

I don't know about the kids but I will not forget our fishing days. I suspect 3 of them will always remember something about our fishing times together.
Yesterday there were some pretty big ones caught. One took Marci Claire's hook and everything. We did get the floater back. I had not tied the knot tight enough.
Tyler caught the first fish which was a keeper as was his second, but we were not fishing for supper so we threw all of them back for another day. Were catching crappie.
We sure appreciate Mr. Jim for letting us bring the kids out.

Colsyn and his sister on the floating dock. She was just making sure that he got it cast out there far enough.

Our friend, Jeff, was out there helping us drag them in.

Rylan was checking out this little one that dad had pulled in as were Marci and Tyler. Colsyn was busy with his own when I took this one. He does not like to be outdone by dad.

Here, we were having a huddle to figure the next plan of attack.

As pretty as she is, Marci Claire does not mind touching the fish.

Colsyn out away from the noisy little ones. He takes this fishing very seriously.

As tthe sun was sitting Tyler was trying for just one more.
What a time we have when dad says "let's go fishing" and lets Colsyn call grandpa to go with them. We always have fun on later visits talking about who caught the biggest one on which bait.
Teri and I are heading north Saturday at noon. She will finish up her two day yard sale and off we go to visit three young grandsons in Indiana. Oh, they take fishing very seriously too. Can't wait to see them. I will travel on north of Detroit to see my aunt and uncle while Teri and Sam stay in Indiana for a few days. Will stop and see my sister on my way back to Logansport. She has 2 young sons that I enjoy playing with too. Will get some good pictures on our trip.
Sorry about being so long to post but we have not done much in between fishing trips. Our oldest daughter called today and told her mom to get on me about being so lazy. Stasha also corrected her old dad on the age she was upon graduation from college. I said she was 33 but she was 32 for another day. Sorry about missing it a day or two. Dads get unconditional forgiveness, isn't that right?
Come back by in a day or two. There will be much more to tell.


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