Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Romeo, Michigan

Here are some of the sights I saw as I traveled across 24 on my way Sunday afternoon.

Lots of water everywhere across Northern In. and Oh. I really enjoyed the trip over to Toledo on 24. Very good hiway and 4 lane most of the way. I drove at 69 mph and got 35 mpg in the car. I stopped at the above little park, in Ohio, and took these pictures. It was on some river that I could not pronounce. It was high water everywhere but the boats were out. All of the rv parks along the river were full.

Oncee I got into Detroit my luck ran out. My camera died from lack of batteries. The interstate ended because of work. There were no signs telling me how to get out of there. I ended up downtown Detroit, right along the river and the tunnel into Canada. I finally got out by looking at the Streets and Trips GPS on my laptop. The little 3 and half inch gps was not any good for getting me out. In fact, I turned around and around so many times it jammed the little booger plum up. I had to turn it off and back on to unlock the thing. Just more than it could handle. Finally got onto 96 west as there was no way to go east. I drove 5 miles to first exit so I could turn around. Oh what joy it was when I got off onto Van Dyke Road and headed north up 53 out of the city. I wanted to see Detroit again but did not really want as close a look as I got. The photo above was the last one the camera would take. It was of the end of the road. Blow it up and look close. You can see the city buildings towering above everything in the background. I am glad I was by myself. It is funny now but I was doing some serious talking to myself Sunday afternoon.
The weather has been great here and I have slept with my bedroom window open at night. Gets a bit nippy early in the mornings but I like it that way. Got some batteries today so maybe I can get some more photos Wednesday. Romeo is a very well kept little village.
Thanks for hanging with me. Come back in a day or two and see what we can get into.


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