Monday, June 9, 2008

Grandsons in Indiana

If you have already read my earlier post then you saw I did not have these photos up yet so they are backwards. Can not insert them where you want. Teri got to spend a week here in Logansport with our daughter and 3 grandsons. They are in the middle of ball season up there. We have a couple of real players already. the youngest is getting ready. Tyler, Timothy, and Ryan. It is always great to visit with these 3 grandchildren. They are full of energy and love aggrivating each other.

Teri shot a photo of this while in town.

Here is what Teri and Nikki did while Teri was there. They got Ryan's ceiling up. Did a good job. This shot was taken before the moulding went up.

Don't they look like they could really aggrivate each other? I don't think any one of them takes anymore than he dishes out either.

Here is our daughter in her new classroom. Nikki has just changed from one school to another. We are proud of her for all the work she has done, raising 3 boys, a husband, and finishing her college degree all at the same time. She is a good teacher. The kids are lucky to have a lady that cares so much for them.

The cross along side interstate 57 at Effingham. this is a good sized structure. I know many of you have seen it. you can not miss it when traveling through Effingham.
So, there you have it, more of our grandkids. Teri and I enjoy them. All of them have been on the blog now except 2. They live over near Nixa Missouri, just north of Branson. They were here Memorial Day and I was having so much fun playing with them that I forgot to snap any pictures of Essie and Alexus. Next visit I will get them.
Hope everyone is having a good Monday. It is one of my favorite days, in case I haven't mentioned that before. We are getting serious about our plans to head west in a couple weeks.
See ya later,


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