Monday, May 19, 2008

How Do You Call a Dog With No Legs?

Well, we have had a couple graduations in our family. Here is our grandson, Colsyn, graduating from preschool at church. He was proud of himself, can you tell? They say that he takes after his grandpa Gregg, I just can't see it,,he,he,he.

Oops, how did this one slip in here again? We enjoy the 12 grandkids.

Here is another one. Tyler came home to spend the night with granna and grandpa after church last night. BUT, he got to whimpering for his mom, so she came and got him.

ou These are some of my favorite ladies. Do you think grandma is proud of those teeth? Teri's mom and 2 of our girls were all gathered together last week in Az.

And, here is why. Our oldest daughter, Stasha, graduated from college at the tender age of 33. We are proud of her.

A big reason she waited to graduate. Do you think the kids are proud of their mom? Three more of my buddies. Can't wait to see them when I get back to Az.

Well, you caught me doing some real work today. Got the yard mowed this morning and started cleaning up those lower control arms I got from my friend Blaine, last week in Indiana. Need them grease free before my friend Jim and I try to get those torsion bars out.

2 of a mechanic's best friends. Use brake cleaner to get the grease and old paint loosend up then hit them with the putty knife. This is good stuff. I learned about it from my GMC friends. Always get two cans though because it goes fast. Do not use it on paint because the paint will come off. Got this at the Dollar Store for 1.80 a can. I even wore my Dollar Store t-shirt in there to see if they would give me a discount. Got the shirt at the race in Talladega. Not only did I not get a discount, they did not even notice the shirt.
The PB Blaster is to loosen up the rust holding the torsion bars in. This is good for nuts rusted onto the bolts. I really like kroil but I left it in the coach. Anyway, hope to have these control arms ready to travel soon. Will rebuild them this fall while at my friend Steve's in Sierra Vista.
Oh, Sam and I had a great trip to the airport Saturday. The camera would not operate and I got no pictures. Frosted my cookies. Took the old one, Teri had the new one. Teri was a sight for sore eyes coming out of that airport. She was on time and so was I so we got home in time for the All Star race Saturday evening. Teri had done up all the wash and cooked me several meals so I was very well taken care of. She is a KEEPER.
I guess I better get back to cleaning up those control arms. I am not used to sweating so I take lots of breaks. It is 89 degrees here today. I had the electric matress heater on one night last week. I guess no Spring this year. Winter to Summer. One reason I love the motorhome. We can get out of the heat of Southeast Missouri.
Hope everyone had a great Monday. As I always say, "one of my favorite days".

It dosen't really matter, he is not coming anyway, the dog.

Thought I would save the answer for last today. Kept you guessing, didn't I?



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