Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I am no different than the rest of yall. When grandma drags out the pictures of her grandkids I just grin and bare it. This blog is a travel blog. It is not a grandpa showing off his grandkids. However, I just had to share this one. These three boys have the time of their lives around these ponds that their dad and me take them to. Just look at how happy these 3 are. Don't you wish a small bass could excite you this much. We have several good friends that have fishing ponds and they love for us to bring the boys out. They know how they love the fishing excitement. When one of them catches a fish they all come running to help. The two cotton tops are brothers and the other is a cousin who loves hanging out with the brothers. I hope these guys never forget these times. Our granddaughter is getting to the age that she now likes to let the boys go sometimes without her while she stays with her granna or goes with her mom to do girl things. That is ok. Just giving these kids positive memories may very well keep them on the straight and narrow as they grow up. I will say that we must start working on the oldest though to tell real weights on his fish. That 7 lb. bass he caught a couple weeks back has now grown to a 17 pounder.
Teri, Sam, and I will pull out of here Sunday after morning worship services headed for the Pacific Coast, the Redwoods. It is amazing just what all Teri can pack into that little Vibe GT and still leave room for Sam and me. We are getting excited to get back to our motorhome. It has been good to be home for a few weeks but the grass is growing too fast for me. I am ready to leave it to my cousin.
We hope everyone is having a great week. We also hope that you will ride along with us as we spend the next few months traveling. We should hit Dodge City early Monday morning. The next morning we should be west of the Rockies. Then by thurs. we may be on the Pacific Coast. I know it is much more interesting reading when we are sight seeing and posting lots of pictures. With a few pics of the grandkids on here I can at least look back and think about our fishing trips together when I begin to miss their little smiling faces.
See you in a day or two. Hang on as we hit the road Sunday.


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