Monday, June 30, 2008

On The Road Again

Well, these pictures are all out of order but I can not do anything about it. I am in the car and just feel good that I could get them up.
We left home yesterday at noon. There was no traffic until about 2 pm and then they came from everywhere. Check out the little convertible. All the traffic coming toward us. That was on I 44 just out of Springfield. We got into Ks. and the oil pumps were all pumping. I wonder why? they were even adding new ones. I got some photos of that in here somewhere.
We drove to La Junta, Co. and parked for 4 hours, sleeping in the car. Was pretty good rest with windows open. Left there about 6 am and headed west. Teri got a lot of pictures as we traveled through the mountains of Colorado. take a look at them. I promise, they are in here somewhere. Did not run air today until we got to Grand Junction Colorado, about 130 pm. It hit 90 degrees and I turned it on. It got hot all of a suden too when we dropped down out of the mountains. We crossed at Montrose Pass, about 11,000 feet. We have seen 3 GMC motorhomes, all of them today. Teri took my picture with one we found for sale. The gas prices have not stopped motorhomes out here, they are everywhere. All of the rv parks seem to be full or nearly full.
Well, I better help Teri downshift. The car lost too much speed here in the mountains as she was not paying attention. We are on I-70 in Utah. We have 100 miles to go then we are back to the 2 lane. We are getting 35 mpg driving 2 lane hiways. That's not bad for the little hi performance Yamaha engine. Will cross the entire state of Nevada on hiway 50.
Come back and check on us when you can.


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