Sunday, August 2, 2009

GMC Motorhome Questions

Often I get questions from folks but can not answer them personally because I have no email address. I enjoy getting questions, especially about our travels and our GMC motorhome.
I have never claimed to be a mechanic but I do a lot of things, most, myself. Today I am installing another "shut off" on my battery system. I had it there previously but when I burned up the starter, in Alabama, I melted the cable insulation. I have that fixed now and realize that I do need to be able to cut the voltage to the engine with a turn of a knob.
Most maintenance can be done to a GMC by non mechanics. Anyone that can read can take care of a GMC motorhome and also know when it is time to pay for certain things to be done. When it comes to our cars we usually dirve new enough ones that we don't worry much about jumping in them and taking a 2,000 mile plus trip. When it comes to a 12,000 pound GMC, we need to do more than a quick glance at the engine and check the oil. These rigs are all 31- 36 years old. Most motorhomes built during the 70's have long since died. I am very appreciative to the previous owners, of our machine, for taking very good care of it while it was under their watch. It has served, and I hope will continue to serve, us well. I do my best to take care of little things before they become big things. So far, we have not needed a "hook". Preventive maintenance goes a long ways. When I was a kid on the farm, our tractors rarely broke down. That was because when it rained we pulled the equipment into the shed and did preventative maintenance. I never understood why my dad would not let me go to town when it rained. Now I do. So, I try to keep this in mind when it comes to our GMC. We depend on it to get us to where we are going. It sits for a month or two sometimes. I need to keep it happy and check everything I know to check. I take it to professionals when I feel the job is beyond me. I have no tools for big jobs. My driveway serves as my working area. I grease it and keep things tight. Teri is my carpenter. I put her in charge of making changes to the interior. I keep the batteries in shape, watch the tires, and stuff like that. Anyone can do that. We just replaced 4 tires because they were 6 years old. I let them go 1 year longer than I wanted but we were in Az. and I wanted to buy them here. I keep an eye on the brakes. I pay for that job. I keep an eye on my axle boots. I also pay for that to be done. Have done it myself and can never get the boots sealed so they don't leak.
I just want folks to know that owning a GMC coach is a lot of fun if you keep it up. We can not let these things sit all winter then jump in and head out on a 1,000 mile ride without doing preventative maintenance. They will break. My GMC talks to me and lets me know ahead of time when we have a problem. I like that.
So, if you have questions for me, send me an email. I will get right back to you.
OLD SHOE, send me a note....gregg_dan at There are several good buys on GMC coaches right now.
Hope everyone has a great week. I was glad to hear from my good friend and brother Russ. He and his lovely wife, Glynna, are up in the cold country of Canada doing SOJOURN work @ a small congregation of the Lord's Church.
Thanks for checking on us. We are heading to St. Louis early in the am to be with a friend while his wife undergoes knee replacement surgery. Say a prayer for our safe travels.


At August 4, 2009 at 12:44 PM , Blogger Jim Haglund said...


I saw your comment on a website advertising tankless water heaters and that you had installed in your GMC. I would like to do the same - would you mind sharing how it eas accomplished?

Thanks in advance

Jim Haglund
360-943-4223 (Olympia WA)

At August 4, 2009 at 12:58 PM , Blogger Dan & Teri Gregg said...

Yes, I will Jim. Thanks for giving me your email address. I will reply directly to you.

gregg_dan at


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