Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heat Wave in Missouri

Whew, have I mentioned that it is hot in Missouri? Well, it is 95 right now but it is 78 inside. Guess where I am. Teri and I have not spent a summer in Mo. since 06. We picked the wrong year to hang out here. I keep having these dreams of Tillamook, Oregon. Teri and I will need to stay here until the last week of July. She has committed herself to another week of Bible Camp and our grandson, from Indiana, will be here. I think that Friday, when camp ends, will be a good time to head to the northern most point of Michigan. If fuel prices come down, or hold, maybe Oregon will see us. Gas dropped a dime here yesterday, 2.49. Here are the bargains I got after Teri got loose from the doctor yesterday. Last night I got 5 of them into the ground. This morning the other 4 went in. Now to work with them and get em to catch up with the others. Lots of water and Miracle Grow really works wonders on these plants. We will have the front yard all hedged in. I have much of the back yard done but need a few more "3 dollar deals" to finish it up. This will give our grandchildren boundries while out playing.
I guess the bug and GMC are feeling neglected but I just can not get into the mood for work out there. I need to install my new seats in the bug. I think my next major undertaking will be to remove the fiberglass frontend of the bug and do the ball joints and tie rod ends. I may have the originals, I don't know, but new ones are about to happen. I like to be safe so the frontend will get a work over soon. It steers great but I just want all new. I can feel a little shimmy on the right side when I hit the brakes hard. May just be the tie rod end but I am thinking ball joint. Got some slop in it when I jack it up and shake the wheel. I need to get the steering wheel centered up too.

Alright, I think it is about nap time around here. Teri and Tyler are snoozing away in my bed. Guess I will sack out in the spare room. I have to take a test tomorrow, cholestrol. I will be glad to get this doctor visit over with. I need to rest up for it.


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