Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hamilton, Alabama

Teri and I are in Alabama this weekend. Brought the camera but did not take pictures. My 3rd cousin and his wife, Bud and Alice Gregg, celebrated their 60th anniversary. I had to come. Was here for their 50th. We are staying with my cousin. Her husband is a minister with a local church of Christ here. Heard 2 great sermons today. We visit them as often as we can. Will leave out in the morning heading back to Missouri. 275 miles, all 4 lane highway. Will head north at Tupelo on 45. Run up through Selmer, Henderson, and cross the river @ Dyersburg. It is a beautiful and enjoyable drive. Roads are so much improved over the last 15 years. I suspect when my dad's family moved from here, 1936, it was a one lane dirt road. They had to ride a ferry across the Mississippi. Wow, things have really changed. Wish I could have my grandfather take a trip with me today up the road he moved his family on. That would be neat. Follow along with us if you have time Monday. I have the car assigned as WD0AFQ-1.
Ketch you back on the west side of the mighty muddy. Will be getting the motorhome ready for our trip to Colorado when we get home.


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