Thursday, August 6, 2009

In The Dark

Teri and I were sitting here, minding our own buisness, Tuesday evening. I looked out the window and told her I thought it might rain. Welcomed it as it has been hot this week in Mo. About an hour later, it did rain. With the rain came winds. I noticed the winds were coming from the east, unusual. Then came the lightning. At 10 pm I flipped the tv over to local news channel. 5 minutes later the lightning and wind got worse, along with the rain. Boom! Big bolt of lightning with thunder immediately following. Then, darkness. Yep, the lightning was so close that the thunder was right with it. I stepped out on the porch and our side of the street had no lights. Went to the rear of the house and no lights on the back side of the block. Lightning had hit a tree and it went down on the wires, or, it hit the transformer. I did not go see.
So, we sat here for 30 minutes just talking. I took the wireless router and put it in the GMC so we had our internet back. Oh, I have a small Kipor generator. I grabbed it and we had lights and tv back.
We watched tv until 1 am and then went to bed. The electricity did not come back on until 630 am. Another reason to have a small protable generator. Never know when one might need it. We still had gasoline in it from Quartzsite last January. It needed to be burned. Makes me think, maybe I should keep fresh gasoline available. Never know when one might be out of electricity for a few days. The big Onan in the GMC will keep the large appliances running and I try to keep that tank full. Teri was not feeling well or we would have slept in the motorhome, after the storm passed. Would have een cooler.
Hope everyone is well. Teri is having trouble with an alergic reaction to something. Has been to the doctor twice and goes back Monday. I am hoping she gets over it by then. It has been with her for over a week now.
Ketch U later,


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