Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Productive Friday

You can see here that we continue working to get the window coverings up. teri had them all glued here and sitting on the kitchen table. We had 2 grandkids here for an overnighter. Here you can see a doctor, a nurse, and one big patient. they thought I needed a checkup this morning.

Here is Teri putting the finish on the cornices.

Still being checked out. They said I passed but my blood pressure needed a little help and I got medicine.

Clamps holding the glue until we can put the nail gun to use.

Woops, that one snuck in here again. But, what better subject to have a double picture of? Teri has been hard at it for two days. We are thinking tomorrow we will screw these to the walls. Need to get them mounted in the morning as we have two grandsons spending the night with us tomorrow. Got to get our visits in with all of the local grandkids before we hit the road Wednesday.

Keep your eye on the blog. We should have shots of these mounted very soon. Will hit the road Wednesday morning with the GMC and vdub.


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