Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting Ready To Roll

Rylan and me pulling in from church this morning. Teri and I were blessed to have this little grandson spend the night with us last night. He will be 3 later this week. He loves riding in the bug just like the rest of the grandkids. He got to stay all by himself so he got maximum attention. It was Saturday and the drug store was closed so no ice cream. But, we did hit the local farm store where it was peanut days. We even bought a bag and brought them home. Got to sit out on the front porch and eat a few. Tyler came over and helped us for a little while. This little guy is so easy to take care of, especially when he is by himself.
Teri has been slaving away in the GMC. She is cleaning before we install the new cornaces on the windows. When she starts cleaning it is a big deal, nothing gets missed.

This picture is of the auxillary brake vacuum pump I installed. Been carrying it around for over a year. I used an L bracket in the back to hook it to the master cylender and clamped it in the front with a large radiator hose clamp. This is a slick mount. My good friend Gene Fisher sent me a picture of one mounted like this. I like it there. Not in the way and had to move nothing around. A perfect fit for the hatch door to close. Before installing this pump we had one pump on the brakes if the engine should die. Now, we have unlimited vacuum and brakes as long as there is 12 volts present. I like this, especially when we are out in the Rockies. The 12,000 pound motor home is not going to stop with no power brakes. This solves the problem and takes away my fear.
Well, that is about it. We continue to ready everything for the trip. We are towing the vdub this trip, again. I painted the tow bar yesterday and made a couple of changes to make it easier to get on and off. Wednesday morning we will mate the two vehicles and hit the road. ride with us if you have time. We will be riding across Ks. as WD0AFQ on the tracking map.
Have a good Monday, one of my favorite days.


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