Monday, September 21, 2009

One More Day

Yep, just one more day and we are gone. Teri is making some curtains for the door and kitchen window right now. She has that sewing machine humming. We worked in and around the GMC all afternoon. Was dark when we finished mounting the cornaces on the driver's side. Will do the passenger side in the morning. When we get home we plan to make them for the rest of the 5 windows. Then, we will measure and order new window coverings. I'd like to have some that insulate us from the sun and the cold. The mini blinds don't do much in that area.
There is a big rain storm headed this way. It is between West Plains and Springfield now. We are hoping it gets here and passes through tomorrow. Don't want to start out in the rain. We can wait til Thursday if we need to, to miss the rain.
The tracker for the GMC is listed as WD0AFQ-2. I can't reprogram it right now so it will have to stay as -2 for this trip. We will be WD0AFQ when riding around in the Vdub, as we are towing it this trip.
So, you are up to date on us. Ride along if you have time. I think there will be some skips in the tracker across Mo. and Ks. but it will catch up when we get close to reporting stations.


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