Friday, February 19, 2010


Oh yea, I am getting closer. Did another 8 hours on the coach today. I think about 4 more and I will be finished and ready to hit the road.
Found this little baby flat spotted when I pulled it this morning. Maybe I can get one pretty quick. That will get my cruise control back to working. Not really concerned about the speed accuracy as I use the GPS for that. I had to make another trip into Safford for a different gauge. The one I had was going to be really difficult to get through the firewall. Now I have a nicer looking one that matches the other gauges and it was cheaper. This one is electric. One more wire and I will be done with that. Already have the sending unit mounted in the intake manifold, the long wire run, and the ground. Just need the ignition wire hooked up and I am ready. I know where the wire is so won't take too long.
Got my digipanel parts from Jim K today and that was fixed.
Not a pretty picture, is it? I will be glad to get it all wired up and back together. Maybe in the morning. Oh well, can't move the coach until I get the speedometer gear anyway so no real rush.
Saturday is upon us. Life is getting better for me here as I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once I get the coach back to where it needs to be Teri and I can get on with geocaching and visiting our friends around here.
Have a great weekend. Thanks for keeping a good check on Teri and me.


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