Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Made It

Teri and I rolled out about 6 am California time. We drove 550 miles and arrived here in Duncan about 5 pm California time. Not bad as we spent a good bit of time not rolling when we would stop for stuff. Was in Safford for an hour at Walmart and getting gasoline and lp. I think I have some pretty good pictures. I will post them Thursday. I am too tired tonight to put them up. The coach ran good. Most of my gauges were out, including water temp and speedometer. Will check on them in a day or two and see if I can make them work again. I use the GPS speedometer anyway but we have no cruise control without the speedometer. That is not good. It seemed like the transmission pan temp was a bit warm a few times. I can stop that when I get my external cooler hooked back up. I have a Mazda RX 7 cooler that will go in line. Already have one in line for the engine oil. They have 170 degree thermostats in them so they are bypassed when not needed. Will have special lines made to mate up with my new transmission cooling lines I put on before we left missouri.
If you rode with us, via the tracker, thanks. Was a good ride. We unhooked the car at Superior. That is a bear to climb towing so I just took the car off and Teri drove it over.
Life is great in Duncan, Az.
See you tomorrow.


At February 18, 2010 at 11:08 AM , Blogger newyorker said...

This trip has been an adventure. I hope that the rest of it is uneventful.


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