Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Trip Back

We met a lot of Nascar haulers. I was able to get a few pictures but not very good. I was driving and trying to get the pictures too. Teri worked on some of them to improve and get the black spot out.

We stopped in Quartzsite and fueled up. Teri got this one while I was checking the oil. We then hooked the car to the GMC for a ride over and through Phoenix. Unhooked it again to get over the Superior/Globe mountain. She drove it on home from there, another 100 miles. Teri was tired when we got home. So was I.

The GMC really ran good. No complaints. I think we have an engine and transmission that will last a long time.

Lots of cactus out here. This was taken just east of the Phoenix area before we hit the mountain at Superior.

While in Quartzsite, at Lowe's, Pablo's truck pulled in for fuel. I asked Teri to get a picture. She does not care for the guy so she did not take one. I kinda like watching Juan Pablo getting roughed up out on the track. Oh well, next time.

These guys were on the move from Florida to Fontana. Wish I could be there Sunday. We were there last Friday while geocaching. Miguel said he is going to the race. Have fun and think about me here at home watching on tv.

I took this picture as we were getting out of the mountains in California, just after dawn. It is a shot in my driver's side rear mirror. I thought it came out pretty good.

Lots of these babies out here. These were close to Palm Springs. Sun was just coming up.

This shot pretty much sums up my day. Worked on little things all day. Got more to do. Here, the temp gauge went bad. I got a new one today and will install tomorrow. 80 mile run over the mountain to get it. Speedometer is next chore. I have got to have cruise due to my bad right foot. Was not much fun yesterday without it. I have traced it to the transmission. Hoping I can replace something to make it work. Will get in touch with help tomorrow, for advice. I have got all good parts to the transmission so it has to be in there.

That is pretty much it. Was a good run across two states. GMC ran great and the transmission shifted good. No complaints about that.
Hope you are having a good week. Friday is here. I thought I had really gotten up early this morning. Then, this afternoon, Teri figured out that we had not reset our clocks. It was 10 am when I got up. So what?


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