Saturday, February 13, 2010

Busy Saturday at Miguel's Shop

Miguel was hopping all day. It is after 7 pm and he and Ryan are still working. Just finished this install. Here is Ryan checking his dad's work.

I like this. Sounds good and runs good. If I needed a generator I do think this 4800 would be the one I would get. Pretty quiet and runs 2 air conditioners. Miguel says 1/3 gallon an hour.
I have been here long enough to see this truck go from a totalled rig to this. It looks sharp. Belongs to the body shop owner next door.

Frank on right and Dave in center. The guy on left was our cook today. We had catfish tacos. Mmmm, my kind of grub.
I went with Frank to test drive a truck this morning. Ran the thing out of gas right in front of a station. A guy on the sidewalk helped us push it to the pumps.

The 41 Pontiac on the rack in Frank's shop. Has bags on it. I know it has got to be a rough riding vehicle. Engine trouble so Frank will tear it down. Also needs better motor mounts welded in.

Wrapping it up. Ryan worked on our coach til noon. Then they had too much other stuff they needed to get done. That is ok with me. We will get out of here one day this week.

Teri spent the day with friends. She had the camera so I missed getting pictures of our lunch and some vehicles that came by, 62 Chevy short bed and 62 Ford Falcon. Teri got lots of pictures but I have not looked at them yet.
I could not find the Nationwide race today. I have the Sprint Cup race marked. Will head straight home from church. Maybe I wont miss too much of it.
We continue to enjoy our time here. Had a great night last evening with our friends. I think our bed sleeps better though.
Catch you tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day.


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