Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ready To Roll

All is good and we should be rolling in the morning. Here is the GMC getting ready to come off the rack under its own power. Miguel manuvering this thing out toward the road.
Off we go. Miguel and I drove 30 miles or so. All seems fine. We put a fan clutch on when we got back. I had a spare one in the coach.

Recognize this guy? His best side.

Teri and I have said our goodbyes. We met lots of very nice shop owners here. Miguel treated us great and we hate to leave but the time has arrived. The car is packed and ready. GMC is setting on go. We should be out of here early in the morning. teri will follow me for a ways in the car before we mate the two together for the long haul.
Before I forget, my good friend Joe Simon knew the car right off. He emailed me and said that is a Facel Vega. Correct. He did not get the year. It is a 1961. I will still get his lunch when we get together. It is not an American car but it did have a Mopar engine in it. So, it was kinda American. A foreign body threw people off I am sure. Anyway, 1961 Facel Vega. Million dollar car when finished, I am told. Second one this shop has done for a fella. The body shop is adjacent to Miguel's shop.
I guess some wonder if we really had as much fun as I let on. Yes. I am sure I have had more fun living in Miguel's shop than Teri but it has been fun. The only non fun, besides the bill, was the closer we got to finishing the coach the earlier I had to get up. I will tell you, when we get back to Arizona I plan to sleep til noon for a couple of days.
Gotta go. Thanks for all of your prayers and concerns. We are rolling in the morning. Watch the tracker, WD0AFQ.


At February 16, 2010 at 7:53 PM , Blogger GMCS 4 US said...

Glad to hear you and Teri are off and running again! Thanks for all the posts and info that will help other GMCers! If you guys get through Tucson, plan on a stop if you can. Safe Travels!!!


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