Monday, February 15, 2010

The Day After

Yes, is it the day after the Daytona 500 or the day after Valenitne's Day? Both you say? You are correct. I thought that was a poor race yesterday. I saw the last 78 laps. This Sunday it will be here in Fontana. I hope we are back in Eastern Az. come Sunday. We will see.
I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day with your sweethearts. Teri and I did not spend any money this year on each other. With the bills coming in on the coach we decided all we needed this year was each other. We shared a very good day together. Last night we were with about 15 others at our friend's home. Over there until about 11 pm. I had a hard time getting up and going this morning at 8 am. Tonight we have another date with our friends. We are looking forward to it.
What year is this little beauty? I was a little kid when these came out. There were some with 409 cubic inch engines that would really honk. Here is another one that rolled into the upholstery shop this morning. Do you know the year? My dad had one of these. I drove it when I was 7. In fact, I hit a walnut tree with it at 7 years of age. I learned to drive early so I could help on the farm. 7 was a bit young but I did it. There is 10 years between the two vehicles. that should get you going.

There is going to be fire in the hole soon. Ryan is working on it today. Miguel is trying to get a Jasper engine to idle properly. I am glad Jim K. got this engine for us. It idles great, or did on the test stand with a carb. I see no reason for it not to do the same with our fuel injection. One of these days I plan to upgrade our Holley analog fi to a newer unit that is now available for these coaches.
That should be enough for this morning. It is almost 11 am. Time to get out and about. Sun is bright and it is really warm. Right at 80 yesterday and same is expected today. We may need the air conditioner in the coach when we pull out of here in a day or two.
Have a great week. Monday is one of my favorites.


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