Monday, February 22, 2010

Rainy Monday

It rained all night and is still raining here at 230 pm. Needless to say we have done no geocaching. I washed Teri's car Saturday, in the rain, so I am not anxious to get out on the roads with it today. Need to check the mail for the towing check but I am not driving to town in the rain today. Hoping the sun will pop and Tuesday is a better day. It never rains in the dessert, does it? Seems like rain has followed us everywhere this winter.
Even though we are far from Southern California we continue to vist with our new friends, via internet. Where would we be without friends? What a joy to travel and make friends along the way. We are not talking about aquaintences but lifelong friends. Teri and I have been traveling in this old coach since Sept. 06. Every trip out we make new friends. I was very surprised to make so many friends in California. We see the news and never is there any good things coming from that area. We are forced to think the way the news casters want us to think. I don't like it. Southern California is portrayed as a "war zone". I am sure the midwest is portrayed as a bunch of country bumpkins. Let me say this, Southern California is so far ahead of the rest of the USA when it comes to Race Relations. I love it. It makes no difference what color a person is or how their accent sounds the people in Southern California take you right in. I will admit that there were a couple of days that I was not completely comfortable around the shops near Miguel's. But, almost like a light switch was flipped, those guys just took us in. We became a part of the community. Teri and I could walk into any shop and feel right at home. Most of the owners were of Mexican decent. Extremely friendly once they got to know us. I miss them already and can't wait to get back out there next winter.
Most of the time a smile gets one in return. That is not always true though. I laugh when Teri comes home telling me how she made someone be nice to her. It is funny. Too often when we encounter someone having a bad day we too will frown and go on. When I feel good, that is most of the time, I enjoy also trying to get a smile from folks. I can get upset but I don't like doing that. Teri is good to keep me calm but sometimes if I am upset enough I can see it rub off on her.
My dad pretty much broke me of "temper tantrums" when I was a little kid. I never enjoyed his 2 inch belt hitting my bare butt. So, if smiling made dad happy, I could do that. I think I am a fast learner. As a Parole Officer I often saw grown men thow little kid fits. It was hard for me to keep from busting out laughing at times. What a waste.
Oh well, we need wars I guess. Nothing I can do about other folks but I can control myself, most of the time. Life is good and the sun will shine.
Just rambling today.
See yall on a sunny day.


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