Saturday, February 20, 2010

Snow On The Mountain

Look at this. I got it all hooked up and the dash is back together. Getting closer to finishing things up. Got a speedometer gear coming that should be here in a couple of days. That will get my cruise control back in order. I think one of the transmission lines is going to need replacing. That is not a bad job just a headache getting the threads to start. Got a kink and flat spot. I think it is not letting the fluid pass enough and causing the transmission to run hotter than it should. We will see. Just sitting here relaxing this evening, eating the last of the chocolate candy that we got in Quartzsite. Got my headlight buzzer going again. I am bad to leave the headlights on and run the battery down. I have this buzzer that comes on when I turn off the ignition and the lights are on. Don't forget to turn them off with it buzzing. I put up a new led light in the bedroom for Teri. It is a big one that I got before we left Mo. and just did not get installed. It is nice and will light up the entire bedroom. Mounted it next to the Fantastic Vent and grabbed 12 volts right there. The light fixture has a built in switch, making an easy install.
The day started off nice and sunny. About noon the sun left and I could see rain and snow coming our way. We are at 3600 feet. All we got was rain. The mountains behind us are 500 ft. higher and got covered in snow. Late this afternoon the wind died and the sun came back out. Stayed cool til dark and started warming back up.
Will attend church with our friends here in Duncan in the morning. Got to hurry home and catch the race out in Fontana. Should be a good one if the weather is decent.
Hope you have a great Sunday. Thanks for stopping by.


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