Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sharing My Peanuts

Now you can see why Teri wanted to get back home. These are 3 of our grandchildren that live near by. The girl, Marci Claire, is graduating from preschool thursday night, along with her cousin, and we had to be here for that. Marci Claire is so excited that we will be there for the big moment. The three in the photo are all siblings. There is a slight resemblance, don't you think? Here we are this afternoon eating peanuts. They love peanuts as much as I do. After we finished they had to have another tour of the GMC. The kids are getting old enough that they are asking to go with Teri and me. I may take the oldest one Saturday as we take the GMC and Vdub to a car show for the day. The boys wore me out this afternoon playing ball. I should have played before I ate all of those peanuts, instead of afterwards.
On the GMC front, just got a call from our very good friends, Jim and Marlys Garman. They were driving north on I-75, in Ga, today and their GMC caught fire and was totalled. Interior is gone. Jim said the fire was in the rear of the coach. The floor was on fire and he could not get it out with the extinguishers. The fire was inside the frame and he could not reach it. 3 fire trucks came and one of them ran out of water trying to extinguish the fire. They heard their bedroom smoke detector going off while they were traveling. We feel so bad for them. They had one of the nicest GMC coaches around. Jim had done so much work. They had all of the modern upgrades available. We visit with Jim and Marlys as often as we can. Spent a few days at their home last year after a rally in Lexington. We are so glad they are safe and were not hurt. Another coach can be bought. A life could have been gone forever. Good fast thinking on their part saved them. Teri and I know about coach fires as we have had our own. When that wood floor catches on fire it can really burn fast. The interior of their coach was so nice too. Jim and Marlys, you know Teri and I are available if we can do anything.
Thanks for coming around. I will have some good pictures from the car show Saturday night.


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