Saturday, November 13, 2010

Winterizing the GMC Motorhome

Teri and I had sleepovers last night. Tyler and Colby were here with us. This afternoon I grabbed Tyler and we ran some errands, in the bug.

One of our stops, this forever running water. this is a cool spot. The water comes out of an underground spring. If you look close you can see the water coming out of the pipe, in front of Tyler.

This plaque was erected about 15 years ago. There is a lot of history here. This monument tells all about Frenchman's Spring. It is cool. I think you can read most of it. Civil war history. I love this kind of stuff. Our area is full of stuff about the war between the states. We are right on the north/south line and lots of battles were fought here. I took coordinates here again, for the third time. After two more we will hide a geocache here. I want folks to see this place. Geocachers are going to love this one.
So, to the title of today's blog. I have pretty much finished winterizing our GMC motorhome. By winterizing I do not mean draining all the water and filling the lines with rv antifreeze. Nope, the winter is our favorite time to live in the GMC. I finished the polish job and added my transmission cooler today. Earlier this week I got the oil changed and greased the beast. I think it is ready to head west where the temps will be nice all winter. I am anxious to get to the Southwest USA. No place like it during the winter. I changed the oil in the generator yesterday and took the carb off to make sure it was clean. We rarely use the generator but I want it ready to go. We will be dry camping in the desert during January. The solar panels should keep us in electricity. Should the sun not shine for a week, highly unlikely, we might need a generator. I even polished the solar panels. Maybe the dust will slide right off them now. Why not, was up there polishing the roof. It did not take any time at all to shine up the four panels.
So, the GMC is winterized and ready for us to move in for about 4 months.
Hope you enjoyed the great weather this week, we sure did.


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