Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting Ready To Roll

Remember these bad boys? Well, it seems the 10 pounds I consumed last month did not bother me one bit. I got my blood checked Thursday, visited the doc today, and he said everything looked great. I even have a copy of the lab work to prove it. So, folks, get the dark chocolate. Will not bother your cholestrol or weight one bit. Now I am headed to the grocery store for some ice cream. I love it when I pass these tests. The doctor thinks I have worked so hard and I let him think that. I love to get "pats on the back".
Getting things ready to hit the road Thursday. I have 2 tvs to repair. Just waiting on parts. We have a list of things we need to get in the car for the trip back to Texas. Had our 6 year old granddaugher spend the night with us last night. Not sure we can squeeze another one in before we go or not. If I can I will. Grandkids make me feel good. Old people make me feel good. Hey, just not working makes me feel good. The absence of stress in one's life is a really good thing. It was about 3 months after I retired that I finally figured out why I was feeling so good, no stress, nothing to worry about. Did not even realize I was stressed when I worked. It took me 3 months to realize the check would keep coming even though I did not work. I checked that bank religiously to make sure that deposit was made.
We have our yard all looking good. Got it mowed yesterday after it finally warmed up enough for me to get the mower deck all put back together. I love having a freshly cut yard. I am pretty much the only one on the street that has mowed so our's looks really good. Just hope it holds til we get back from Lousiana.
I hate leaving the vdub here for 3 weeks but I am not driving it 760 miles to the GMC. I feel that the bug is a 50 mile car, 25 out and 25 back. Besides, Teri can get a lot more stuff in the Vibe.
The tracker will be running Thursday early, WD0AFQ-1. Enjoy your week. Aren't Mondays great?


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