Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our GMC Motorhome Friends

What a day. This is one neat place, Kingsland, Tx. Here Billie and Teri stand in front of the Texas Massacure house.

Neat cabooses near the lake.

This is the parts coach that Billie has for sale. I'd say it could be someone's coach without too much money spent. Runs good. Interior is not bad. Nice GMC Ladder. Someone will get a bargain here. I think with a little checking this thing would drive home. Has a fuel line leaking. Could need the tanks dropped.

The girls had to do some geocaching.

Look at those smiles. You can tell they found the cache.

Took this one for my grandsons. 8 foot alligator.

Billie's son in law killed this bad boy with a bow and arrow. He is quite a hunter, along with his wife. Trophies all over his and her office.

Looking for another cache.

Billie had all of these m&m s just going to waste so I helped her out a bit.

The girls fixing supper. Look at those smiles. I rarely see any nicer smiles than on these two ladies. Billie has taken very good care of us. We have not had time to do a lot of stuff. If I can get my cholestrol test moved up a week we will get to spend more time with Billie before we all three head for Patterson.

And, thank you Doug. I have never seen this much stuff in and around our vehicle. I won't let Teri use the roof rack but I did not tell her she could not have one of these. So, Doug mailed it to us in Arizona and Teri makes sure it is used. I hope we don't lose my generator on the trip home tomorrow. It will be about 6 inches off the ground. I need 2 wheels under it. Not that much weight so am not too worried, or I would tie it to the roof rack for added support.
We plan to hit the road around 6 am. Hope we can get home around dark. I think it is 750 miles. This will be no sight seeing trip, I can tell you that. So, don't look for us to have any exotic pictures from our ride home.
GMC folks make the best friends. Thanks Billie. We will see you in a couple of weeks. We know you will take good care of our motorhome.


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