Thursday, March 17, 2011

Home Again

Here are 5 grandkids happy to see grana and grandpa. We were home just a short time when they started arriving. We sure were glad to see them too. 4 of these are old enough to realize how long 107 days is. Its a long time to them. Teri counted up the time today as we were traveling home.
Billie had to know what time we were leaving this morning. I knew I should have fibbed a little. She was up to wish us a safe trip at 530 am. By 545 am Teri and I were on the road. If you checked the tracker today you saw us moving right along. Got through Dallas by 9 am and Little Rock at 2 pm. Took us 12 hours to travel about 765 miles. Truck traffic is heavy on Interstate 30, real heavy. Not sure what they are hauling but they are moving something up and down that highway.
We were not on a sight seeing trip today so no pictures. I got out of the car twice to buy gas, that was it.
So, will sleep in tomorrow, if I can sleep in my old bed. I sure enjoy the bed in the GMC. Have a few things to take care of around town and will tinker on the vdub. I put the battery in and pumped it about 10 times, vroom. It was like it had not been sitting. Hard to believe all of that snow that was on it while we were gone. The scooter also fired right up. Next is the Mustang, then the lawnmower.
Weather was very nice all day. We had to run the ac all the way home. Still nice and warm here in Dexter.
Ok, I am off the roads. The weekend is about here. You working folks have the streets for the weekend. I am not leaving town.


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