Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Pictures

I hate it when I have no pictures. We have been busy around here. I pulled another tooth from one of the grandchild's head.  That little booger. First tooth I have pulled when the kid had his mouth shut. His mom wanted it out so I got it. He did not even realize it was gone til he saw it in the floor. His first one so he is proud.
We have had our kids from Indiana pass through and spend one night. They were heading to Arkansas looking for diamonds. Our daughter called back and had some choice words about the accomodations there that they are paying 90 dollars a night for. While they were here we got together with one of our other daughters and family for supper. Think we had 7 grandkids there. Made for a good basketball game.
Our 4 year old grandson spent the night with us our second night home. He is a "corker". His 7 year old big brother is coming tomorrow night, hoping to catch "Swamp People" on tv. They don't get the channel.
Teri is getting checked out this morning at the doctor. Monday it is my turn. Planned to go have lab work done today but why not wait one more day. I am trying to slick up my veins good so one more day will be that much better. Make sure I eat good cholestrol material all day today.
Will do a little more work around here today. Been tinkering with the vdub. Got my rear view camera system mounted yesterday so now I can see who is behind me at all times. Wired it so it comes on when I start the engine. Teri and I added some little led blinkers to the front of it. My thinking is I may only get one wreck in it so I want to prolong that as long as possible. That's the reason for all of the lights. We have 7 brake lights on the back of the thing. Even mounted my new flag and put an led light on top so when I am out in the dark the thing is shining. I get lots of comments about my new flag.
Trying to get in the mood to change the blades on the lawn mower. Maybe after lunch.
Next Thursday I think Teri and I will make the journey back to the motorhome. We want to visit with Billie more before we take off for Lousiana. She is also going with us. Take a look on your map. Patterson, La. is way down there. Not sure I have ever ventured that far south before.
That is pretty much what is happening around here. Trying to make the place looked lived in. We will be gone for at least 3 weeks so will get the grass cut short  once I get the blades on.
Hope everyone is doing good this week. Looking forward to seeing all of our GMC friends in Patterson soon.


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