Friday, March 28, 2008

Santa Rosa In The Rain

We made the move this afternoon. 4 hours and 90 miles in bumper to bumper traffic. Whew, glad to get here. Rained the last 25 miles. I hope it quits. Just overcast right now. We went out to eat with Jim and Grace Kanomata and Ken Burton. Had a great dinner in a chinese resturant. Came back and got the coach hooked up. We will move over to vendor's row in the morning and get everything all set up for the week. Was raining too hard tonite to park in the grass over there so we are in the rv park behind with a whole lot of other coaches that look similar to our's. Sam is resting. She will not sleep when we travel so she is resting good now.
The guys at Jim's shop came knocking this morning. Wanted our coach back to the shop. They put on another new steering part, to go with those they installed yesterday. Today it was the steering coupler shaft. This coach drives like a new car. I can not believe it. Donny and Alonzo are the best at assessing a coach and fixing it like new. They really took good care of us. We enjoy being there at the shop so much. Wish we lived closer so we could be there often. They do seem to enjoy Teri's cooking about as much as I do.
Teri took some photos today but I did not get a chance to look them over. I think she took one of San Quenton as we passed by. I will get some posted next time. This is a big convention out here so I will have lots of pictures from here. We have a couple of seminars to do, our first. Teri has really worked hard to make it interesting for folks. I know it she will do good. I'll e her sidekick on stage. She is very organized. I just fly by the seat of my pants on stuff like this. I can talk to anyone for at least an hour.
See you soon.


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