Saturday, January 31, 2009

Propane Run Over to Safford, Az.

I could not find these pictures to post yesterday. Teri found them for me. Here you can see how Steve reinforces the torsion bar "holes" for lack of a better term. I am drawing a blank. You know what they are. You might have to "click up" the picture size to see just what I am talking about. He puts a strap around the thing to make it tougher.
Edit, Edit.
These are Toronado arms so this strap had to be added to make it as tough as the factory welded GMC arms. The braces shown in previous post were the additions to the arms for reinforcing.
What do I know? I am no mechanic, ha.
Thanks for the help here Rob.

Call Jim K. for a set of these babies. Will be the last ones you ever need.

Today we made a propane run over the mountains. My son in law, Cody, loaned us his two 30 lb. bottles from his Travel Trailer. We carried them over to Safford and saved 1.25 a gallon. 2.75 is still a dog gone rip off. We can afford gasoline now but propane is killing us. Teri woke up to 34 degrees in the coach this morning. The furnace never kicked on. I bumped the thermostat and it took off and warmed up the coach so we could get our showers. It gets cold on this mountain at night. We never used heat over in Quartzsite but will need it most nights here. We are almost 3,000 ft. higher here and it gets colder. It was a 70 degree day here about noon. I talked to a friend, who is still at Quartzsite, tonite on my ham rig. He said it was a perfect day over there.

We were not the only ones getting lp today. Had a line going when we pulled up. This was our third stop trying to get gas. The others were out. For some reason Safford only has 3 or 4 places that sell lp to the public. At least that is all that we can find. I suspect most rvers get their's at the many rv parks over there.
We took our 2 bottles and stuck them in the back seat of the car. On the other side of the seat was our grandson, Cdub, 5 years old. He held the bottles up straight for me when we went around curves. I guess I wore him out as he was sleeping when we got back home. We shopped at Walmart for a few things while we were in Safford.
So, that is about it from Duncan, Az. tonight. Our daughter Melanie called and gave us an update on the progress, or lack of it, in Dexter with the electricity. Hopefully folks will have juice soon. Clyde sent me an email telling me that he checked our home for us today also. Took pictures and will email them when he gets electric and internet back at his house. I can't wait to see some pictures.
Hope all of you have a great weekend. Dan


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