Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For My GMC Friends

Today was a long one for Steve and me. Last year I was at Blaine Merrell's and he gave me two lower control arms. The plan was to build these up for our coach. Steve Ferguson told me to bring them out and he and I would build them. I wanted a set of his super duper lower control arms for future use. Today was the day that we began work on them. As all of you know I am no early riser but today I was awake by 8 am. I was freezing to death. It took me until 9 before I could get the courage worked up to hit the floor of the coach with my feet on my way to the shower. It was 28 degrees outside. So, by 10 am I was ready to get busy with Steve.

We pressed out the old parts and cut the ball joints out. Steve went to work cutting off stuff that we were not going to need.

I ran the sand blaster. That took a lot of my day, getting these control arms clean of paint and grease.

Steve went to work welding the new reinforcement metal on the arms and then I blasted them again before the paint went on.

These babies got painted and we will do the rest tomorrow. We worked until 5 pm on them. I think most of the hard work is done. Steve reinforced the torsion bar holders but I failed to get a photo of that.
Now, if any of yall want a set of these, call Jim K. He sells them. Once you install a set of these it will be the last set you will ever need. We built these from a set of Toronado arms. I am thankful to Blaine for letting me take these off a Toro front end last year. If you want a thru the bumper hitch, call Jim K. He sells Blaine's hitches. I love mine.
I can not thank Steve enough for the work he is doing for me and letting me learn from him. I have always been weak in knowlege on the front ends of these coaches. This is one way to get a real first hand understanding, better than reading a book. This has really been good for me. Now, to get them installed and my front end lined back up. Maybe a Bean Station gathering????

Look here. Tonight Steve and Nancy took us to a place down by the Mexican border for supper. This is an old place that has been re done. Look at the old bar. I can see a gunfight going on here. I was told that the original owner was indeed shot and killed right here.

Here are three of my favorite people sitting in the resturant enjoying their visiting. We had such a good time tonight, ribs, and last night it was Mexican. We will see what Thursday evening brings.
I got word that our home town was hit hard by the ice storm. My neighbor has a tree though his roof, according to our daughter. She looked around our house and could only find my ham radio wire antennas down. I hope I can get someone over there to take pictures for me. Am hoping we do not have to make a trip home to take care of this. The whole area is without electricity. I watched our local 10 pm news tonite on the internet. They say it will start warming up tomorrow. I am hoping none of our trees break down. Maybe they will thaw out Thursday. I sure hope so.
Well, there you have it. I am sure that I have left out some important information on the control arms but maybe you can see enough to realize just how labor intensive this buildup is. As I stated earlier, if you get a set of these there will never be a need for anymore. These will out last the coach. Stay with us. We may do some sight seeing Thursday afternoon if we get finished with the control arms.


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