Friday, January 30, 2009

Leaving Friends

It is always hard to leave friends. It was very difficult to leave Steve, Nancy, and their two little dogs. I had a blast playing with those two little dogs. They took right up with me. I guess I just have a way with dogs. Not cats though. They run from me, ha.
Steve cooked us a big breakfast this morning. I could not believe it. I had just got into the shower when Nancy knocked on the door and said that breakfast was in 10 minutes. That was a fast shower for me. We had eggs, potatoes, sausage, toast with the best jelly, and a big V-8 to drink. Steve sets a very bad example for some of us. Not only does he cook the meal, he also washes the dishes. Not good.
So, we finished up and headed outside to prepare for our departure. Teri and I could easily have stayed another night when we were invited but we don't want to wear out our welcome. I am afraid that our friends might call ahead and we could get a cancellation somewhere. I will say this, the GMC community are the best of people. We have been invited to so many homes. We also always extend invitations to our friends to park in our driveway back in Mo. Just call to see if we are home. If we are not, you may still park in our driveway and I will make sure the neighbors get you a key to our home. Once again, I can not say enough about how Steve and Nancy treated us. Was just a great few days. We will come back.

I did take a few photos along our way. This rv dealer is a good one to do buisness with. Last year Steve sent me out there and I was treated like a real customer should be treated. These people are just great. A few miles south of I-10 and just north of Sierra Vista about 12 miles.

I am one of those guys who does not like abusing my engine. I try to climb every mountain using my vacuum gauge. I do my best to keep my foot out of the accelerator and top the pass with at least 5 inches of vacuum. So, we chose not to hook the Vibe up til after we got over the pass at Texas Canyon. I made it over with vacuum to spare. We hooked the car up just east of Wilcox.

I always find these rock facsinating. Round and smooth. Looks like they are just balanced on each other.

I have the utmost respect for police officers. They were out again today. This one seemed to enjoy looking at our coach as we passed and waved just after Teri took this shot.

Coming down the mountain into Duncan, Az.

I think this is a 53 Ford sedan. Looks like they blasted it good with yellow paint. I doubt that it looks too good up close. It sits on the outskirts of Duncan.
Was a beautiful day for the 150 mile drive from Steve and Nancy's to our daughter's here in Duncan. As I have stated before, I hate to stop when we are rolling in this motorhome. It rides and drives so good. I have to thank Jim Kanomata's mechanics for putting the final touches on it last March. It drives with one finger now. Took a hand before they got hold of it. When we bought it I needed 4 hands to keep it in the road. I do not think it can steer any better but I am one of those guys that can not leave well enough alone. I will have new lower control arms on it before too long.
Thanks for riding along. We loved your company.


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