Saturday, March 28, 2009

Americus, Ga.

We are here, out in the boonies, but we are home wherever we park this coach. Every night, when it gets dark, it looks like out home in here. Got good internet and satellite tv.
Was a fun ride up here. We left the campground in a blinding rain. I was soaking wet. I think there were 5 or 6 coaches heading up here all together. One or two got lost a time or two in the rain but we all showed up together. Had to unhook the car so we could turn around in the middle of the hiway. A creek had swollen and consumed a pickup truck. Several feet of water over the road. Ok, plan b. Found another route, the high road, with our fearless leader up front. It was raining so hard that it was difficult to see each other a few times. Once we got north of Dothan it got better. We all stopped at a Walmart and had a group meeting. I had the satellite weather map on the internet as we traveled and could see we were getting out of the mess. So, instead of camping along the way we just kept running. I think we were on the road about 4 hours, arriving here a little after 3 Eastern time. There are more coming in a day or two.
I grabbed a few shots through the windshield but posting them can wait. We are about 12 miles west and a dab north of Americus. The little spot on the map is Friendship. Everyone left for supper in Americus but us. We will sightsee tomorrow after church. We have an old friend from Dexter who attends services in Americus so maybe we will see him and his family tomorrow.
There are no tracking stations around here so the little red car is stuck about 60 miles back down the road. It will move Monday or Tuesday as we head back toward Mo.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. Lots of nasty weather scattered around the country. Our son is supposed to be moving from Springfield, Mo. to brentwood, Tn. I hope they make it alright.
See ya later with pictures.


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