Friday, March 27, 2009

Food and More Food

We were invited to eat with friends tonight. They had some steaks and grilled them outside. Jim did mine just right. Teresa and Teri took care of the kitchen stuff and John provided the 40 foot Monaco. It was one nice supper and the visiting was great. Now, this is what I am talking about. Been thinking about it all day long. The last evening we get to finish the ice cream. With half of our group leaving today we had all we could take care of. the bowls are kinda small so most folks had two. Many of us may have bumped up to three. Lots of chocolate syrip, strawberries and all the nuts you could stand. This was a good evening for sure.

Oh yea, everyone was smiling tonight. Teri and I have been coming to these conventions since I retired in 06. I think this one may have been the best one yet. GMC folks know how to enjoy each other's company. Many of them are snow birds so we are not the only couple who has not been home since Christmas. We got to visit with folks that have been to various places for the winter. I like hearing about where they have been so I can think about us going there some winter too.
I found out today that the GMC Club is once again the largest motorhome group in FMCA. We had that distinction for many years but a few years ago one of the newer groups out grew us in numbers. Now we are once again on the top. GMCMI had 77 new members just lately. There has been a drive on getting new members. Jim Kanomata donated two sets of Thorley headers to help folks make their mind up and have a chance to own them. Jim is that kind of guy. He also donated the main prize, a new set of quadrabags for a GMC coach. He is very generous and I enjoy working with him at these gatherings.
Well, that will be it for today. Will get up and pull out for Georgia in the morning. 12-15 coaches will be heading over to Ken and Elaine's property for a few days of r and r. See you there.


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