Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday in Plains

Teri and I got up early and headed to Americus for worship services. Ran into some friends from Dexter. Tried to catch them up on what has been going on since they moved from there. Before we got back to the group, they drove into Plains and ate lunch at a local resturant. Jimmy Carter and his crew were there eating. That was kind of a treat for them. Teri and I went to a laundry mat to wash clothes after church. Then we headed over to Plains for a visit. Here is Billy's old gas station.

Campaign Headquarters.

Back on the ranch. Here is Ken taking groups on tours of the 249 acre place where we are staying. What a treat. this is a 47 Willys Jeep.

Oops, the second mistake tonite with pictures. Can not edit them out without a lot of trouble.

This is the way to fish.

No caption needed. We are enjoying ourselves here.

My sweetie with her catch of the day. Tomorrow Roger Black is cooking the catfish for supper. Hope we get enough caught for 19 folks.

Another shot of the jeep loaded for a tour.

Inside the cabin, on the lake.

We had Dominoes Pizza tonight. Just an appetizer for Monday evening.
Monday Teri and I are going geocaching. Should get some more pictures. There are several caches in Plains. We might head over to Americus after that but Americus is a big town, Plains is not. I mean, Pres. Carter lives on the main street in Plains. We will try to get a picture of his place tomorrow. Nothing fancy, just has a steel fence and black vehicles in the yard. I guess here he is just a regular person.
Have a good week. We will have more from the fish fry tomorrow night.


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