Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Tucson For The Parade

Teri and I left home about noon Wednesday heading for Tucson. Look at the snow. All of the mountain tops are snow covered. Our friends Kathy and Carl. We stayed in their beautiful home and they took us out for a great Mexican supper. Great friends. I was full up after the meal. Can you tell by the look on my face. Was just great. We failed to get pictures of the house but will next time. Carl and Kathy have a great place. You can hardly see any neighbors for all of the growth of trees and cactus. Very pretty. Most Midwesterners would not appreciate the beauty of the setting. I mean, rattlesnakes abound. Just another critter to Kathy and Carl.
I grabbed most of these photos for our grandson Colsyn. He is a true cowboy stuck in Missouri. I so wish he could have been with us for the parade. It was great.

No gasoline engines allowed. Longest parade of its kind. Look at the dress. Took me right back to John Wayne.

These folks are proud of their rides.

A horse pulled float. All of the floats were pulled by horses or mules. We had to watch where we stepped.

Look at this pair of horses. There was not an ugly animal in the parade. Can't say that about some of the riders.

We had about a mile and a half walk from the car to the parade. Was not bad but I kept thinking about the return walk after leaving the parade.

Oh, it was tough but I made it. Sun was very bright and the temps were warm.

Our oldest granddaughter, Kelsey. She is Royalty from Duncan and was invited to ride in the parade. What an honor. Teri and I are so glad we could participate, just a little, and see her ride that horse.

Tucson is where we were. Some of the long walk, went right through here. I think I have seen this neighborhood on Cops.

We stopped at Roper Lake on our way home and Teri grabbed this shot of Mt. Graham. Does not look real, does it?

Oh yea, we did some geocaching on our way home today. It was easy to grab the ones today. One year ago yesterday we started looking for a particular cache in Solomon, Az. We worked on it again today but still could not find it. Someone found it Tuesday. Seems everyone finds it but us. We go by it everytime we go over the mountain. Really bugs me. I am going to take someone with us and see if they can help us locate it before we leave the area.

There you have it, our last two days. Living in a GMC motorhome is great. We get nice winter weather and can travel places in our car for over night experiences. Thanks, Kathy and Carl, for taking us in last night. Was great visiting, just like when yall came to see us back in October. Friends are priceless.


At February 26, 2010 at 7:00 AM , Blogger carl s said...

Hey, we were happy to return the hospitality! Glad you enjoyed the Rodeo Parade. They used to have it Downtown. I liked it better then. I think that neighborhood WAS on "Cops" a few times.


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