Saturday, February 27, 2010

Part Timing in a GMC Motorhome

No pictures. Did not get much done. Too windy to lay on the ground to re install the transmission line. We have 2 weeks before we leave for Texas. I will get it on a sunny, warm, and not windy, day.
We plan to attend church services over the mountain, in Safford, in the morning. After services we will run over to Roper Lake for a quick visit with Kathy and Carl. They are there in their GMC and will pull out after lunch. Had hoped to run over in our coach to spend the weekend but the camp was full. they require two week reservations or come as you want, but it may be full. I am not driving 50 miles, one way, hoping to get a spot. Id rather camp in the desert to be honest with you, but I do enjoy meeting folks in rv parks.
I have helped a guy or two find a GMC to full time in. It is pretty easy for one person to live in a GMC. It is easy for Teri and me to live in our's for 4 months at a time. But, we could not do it full time. Teri likes having our house to go home to. I do too. If I were alone I would move into the GMC and just go. Being a full timer in a GMC would take some creative packing. I'd pull a car so I had transportation, leaving the GMC parked for a month or two at a time. Does not cost near as much to live in the GMC as it does at home if you are not paying high rv park fees. I could easily live all winter in SW Arizona and Ca. for a minimal fee for water and dump. It is harder in other parts of the US to do this. Not many good dry camping spots where you can stay for extended periods of time. Summers would be tougher as I would want to be north in cooler places. That would probably require 3-4 months of park fees.
Oh well, as I said, not much happening today. We have 2 weeks, from this coming Monday, til we take off across Tx. Got to start getting everything wrapped up. Will stop our mail forwarding service this coming week and try to find someone at home to pick up our mail until we get home.
Hope your weekend is going good. Thanks for stopping by. Reminder, check the tracker for WD0AFQ to see the GMC. Check for WD0AFQ-1 to see us run around in the car.
Catch you in a day or two. Nascar in Las Vegas tomorrow.


At March 1, 2010 at 1:56 PM , Blogger RICK said...

Dan, good to see that your up and running again.

Not as cold here, but still in the 20's at night.

Went to Memphis Farm show over the weekend. Trees are starting to bud out down there.



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