Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life Has Been Great in Quartzsite.

After church today Teri and I headed out for some last day bargains. Our plan is to pull out of here in the morning if the weather is ok. Some chance of rain. If it is raining we will hang around til Tuesday.

Teri caught me going for more m&m candy. Oh boy, I love chocolate.

Crowds have really thinned out today. Most of the folks where we are parked were gone when we got in from church services.

150 dollars for this race rc car. Good price on this particular setup with a big displacement gas engine. You can see the 100 dollar electric hellicopter under it. Lots of good deals here.

Bison tubes. We hide geocaches in these. Teri was buying a handful of these when a lady asked her husband, "what are those?". The husband said "those things hold their cocaine". Oh boy. That did not sit well with Teri. I thought it was funny, she did not.

My favorite shopping partner.

One of our competitors. She was selling some pretty good lights. I bought a recessed light holder from her.

Another competitor on the right. On the left, a man I met yesterday and became friends with him and his wife. Great folks. We make lots of friends everywhere we go and many of them are long lasting friendships. Teri and I had pizza for supper with this couple last night. He has written two books on the New Madrid earthquake fault. Of course, Teri and I live right there.

Here is a picture of some lights we sold. Amazing stuff. They replaced the 18 inch flouressant tubes in this fixture and draw about 1/2 amp. The two 18 inch tubes drew over 2 amps. These lights are as bright, at least my eyes think so, as the 18 inch tubes we replaced.
Teri and I have been dry camping for almost 3 weeks in the desert. We do not rough it because we have outfitted our motorhome to be self sufficient. I don't run the icemaker when dry camping but that is my only sacrifice. Solar and on demand hot water are great.
Watch the tracker as we travel toward San Francisco.


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