Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1951 Ford

There were several responses on the old Ford. It is a 51. Grille and other stuff has been customized. Thanks for the emails and responses here.
It has been warm here in Southeast Mo. Mon and Tues I hid in the house. I did cut the grass a little before dark last night. It had cooled down considerably. Today was a little cooler so I got out and started cleaning up more of the damage left by the ice storm back in the Spring. It wiped out all of my wire antennas for my hf ham radio station. I will not replace all of them. I was able to salvage the longest one, 160 meters, so I will put it back up and just use my tuner for the other bands for now. Picked up some parts and will work on the hanging bracket in a day or two. I want it all done and ready so when I climb the tower I only have to do it once.
We are having VBS this week, in the evenings. Teri has been busy every day making cookies. She will not even allow me in the kitchen if she is not in there. Seems to think I might steal or something. I don't get it. What would one or two licks from the icing bowl matter?
That is about it from here. We are working church camp week after next. I plan to take the GMC up there with me. Teri is sleeping in a cabin, not me. I did that when I was a kid. I have an air conditioned motorhome now and I plan to use it. Need to make a couple of minor repairs before I take it. Just waiting for a little cooler weather before I jack it up and crawl under to repair a leak.
Hope everyone is staying cool. We just had a thunderstorm and it dropped 8 tenths of an inch in 20 minutes. It was really coming down.


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