Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Classic Vehicles

Oh yea, a work in progress. I love these kind of vehicles. I guess you can tell that by the ones I drive. Anyway, took Teri to a doctor's appointment in Cape Girardeau this morning and found this ride. He was pulling into the same lot I was and I got his permission for a shot. He is mighty proud of this truck and the keg for a gas tank in the bed. Don't have to worry about dinged doors on these kind of vehicles. I just thought it was cool. Makes my bug look almost finished, don't it. I forgot to tell you that my Teri was the female councilor of the week, at camp. She was nicknamed "Scary Teri" by some of the girls so she is giving her scary face here. She worked hard at camp. Teri is a real sacrificer too. I was in charge of the snack shack. If I saw my favorite ice cream bar getting low I would grab one before the kids got there. Not Teri. She said "oh save that for the kids, I will take one of those". That meant she grabbed the least eaten by the kids. See, I have a real winner here. If she reads this she will not be happy but I like to share my good fortune with everyone.
We picked up some plants in Cape today. Walmart was the only place I could find what I wanted. And, they had the last nine plants marked down from 7 bux to 3. I wanted ten but nine was good enough at that price. I felt pretty fortunate to grab those at that price. Will wait for the sun to go down to set them out. It is 95 outside and only 80 in the house. Not hard for me to decide where I want to be right now.
Naptime here. I have had a rough day. 120 miles in an air conditioned car. An hour sitting in the doctor's office, then over to Sam's Club and Walmart. Yea, I deserve a nap.
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At June 24, 2009 at 7:15 PM , Blogger carl s said...

Yeah, That's a cool truck and it really does make your bug look good. I'd be afraid to hook a tow bar up to it though.


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