Thursday, June 4, 2009

Walking in The Rain

We got up this morning to 60 degrees. Oh, it was nice. It was also sprinkling rain. We took off to the park for a walk between showers. It felt good. Had to wear long sleeves but after the first lap I was rolling mine up. Dexter has a very nice park for walking. Clean and nice blacktop track. Once around is a half mile. I made 3 laps while Teri made 4. The rain was starting to get us wet so I was ready to call it quits. Teri takes this walking stuff way too serious.

When I was a child this was "the park". We came here on school trip picnics at the end of the year. Also came here for our Vacation Bible School picnics. Walking around here sure brings back memories. Lots of little 4 legged squirrels all over this place.

It was such a nice day. I pulled the Mustang out of the garage and swept the floor good. Then took the car to get it inspected. Time for new plates. She is running good. Kinda makes the vdub feel like a roller skate with a .49 cc motor on it.

Was nice driving around town in this thing. Need to put more miles on it. I saw that I have only put 200 miles on it since the last inspection, 2 years ago. I have a nice 5 speed sitting in the garage ready to replace the old toploader. That will be a nice update. The old Mr Gasket shifter is getting tired, really loose. My son in law machined an old Hurst shifter handle to fit the new 5 speed so folks will not realize what is under the floor. I like it.

This puppy is "spunky". That's all I will say. I built it right.

That's it from here. Hoping for more nice weather tomorrow. I want to rebuild the driver's door on the bug and be done with that. I have 2 new rubber seals for both doors too. Hope to get them on. Need to shim the passenger door a little then I am putting on the new door panels. This thing is going to look and handle good when I get done with it.
Thanks for dropping by. The coach will be moving in a week or so.


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