Monday, June 15, 2009

Roughing It

Teri is sleeping in one of these. She is a full time girl's counselor. This is roughing it. I am sort of a "floater". I do whatever needs done. Doing a little preaching Wednesday evening. So, I don't need to rough it. They need to make sure I stay comfortable. Just a few shots around the camp.
I think we have 80 acres of woods here.

I was a kid when we opened this camp, in 1968. Was a first year camper at 14 years of age. I loved it as I got to come and be with friends and no field work. I did not have it bad on the farm, by any means, but this was a lot more fun. My dad was one of the founding board members. I took his place in 1985 and served through 1997. Now that I am retired they are quizzing me about it again. I told them when we quit traveling I will work once more as a board member.

See, they make sure I stay comfortable. What better way to hang out with a bunch of kids. I can always come inside here. Air conditioned, satellite tv, and internet. Plus, I have my own shower and bathroom. Gmc motorhomes are just the ticket for a guy like me.
Keep checking on me. I may need help with this job later in the week.


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