Friday, June 19, 2009

The GMC is Home Again

It was a great week. I love that GMC. It is great. Kept me cool and with satellite tv and internet. Was very comfortable, as it always is. Brought it home today and unloaded it. Looks good in the driveway but I know it is ready to roll again. Man, it drives good. While doing 60 mph I was checking the steering. Take my hand off and it just went straight as an arrow. It would not to that when we bought it. Would have slammed right off into the ditch. I needed 4 hands to drive it back when we got it in 2004. So much fun to operate and rides like an airplane. I bet it did not handle like this brand new. I have a friend that has a shop out in Fremont, Ca. He and his boys have really made this thing a joy to drive. Thanks Jim.
Well, I tried to be as nice as I could be at camp. Did not want to set a bad example for the kids by getting caught doing mischief. So, I did not get caught. Won't let you in on everything but I will say that the camp director's door knob got a good dose of peanut butter mixed with Hershey's chocolate syrip. He just could not keep it to himself after he cleaned himself and the knob up. Seems the ants took over the door after that little episode. Have you ever grabbed a door knob covered with that stuff, in the dark? I laughed myself to sleep that evening. He had no way to prove anything.Teri is doing laundry for the 4 twins. I think their dad will head this way from Monroe, La. early in the morning. She has bathed them and got them all napping right now. Teri is a good aunt. Tonight will be fun. I think 3 of our grandkids are coming over to see the twins. May have to stick all 7 of them in the back yard and give them the water hose.
Just wanted to let you know that we survived. The other councilors were very envious of our GMC sitting there for my pleasure, especially after a couple of days of rain and extreme heat.
Hope everone has a great weekend and stays cool. Thanks for hanging out with us this week at camp.


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