Thursday, July 7, 2011

Airstreams For Sale

I sure hate to see this one go. It is a 73 27 foot twin bed model.Our good friends have completely restored this trailer and now are selling it for what they have in it, 12,250. I just posted it on Craigs list for them.

They are also selling their 94 28 foot twin bed. Too cheap, 15.750. Teri and I also just posted this one on Craigs List. Someone is going to get real bargains. The 73 has almost everything brand new and the outside has been mirror finished. Wish we could afford to buy it and just pull it to Arizona and park it. Oh well, it will not last long when the Airstream folks see it on Craigs List.
Can you say computer problems? Oh, I have had them. My cousin and her husband are up from Alabama and he is a computer guy. He fixed the netbook by completely reloading Windows. I am now in the process of trying to find my "favorites" and installing programs that we had on it before. Maybe in a few days I can get it back up and going like I want it. Today I am still on the Dell that my brother rebuilt for me last year.

Oh yes. Rylan spent the night with us. When I picked him up he asked could we bring his bike. "Grandpa, I need lessons". We crammed it into the bug and off we went. This morning, sweet success. He will never forget today. Neither will I. Life is good.

One happy 4 year old Rylan. Now he can ride with his older brother and sister. He is happy and so is grandpa. Sure brought back memories from years past. I told him about teaching his uncle Brad how to ride but I did not tell him about me learning when I was 5 years old. Whew, that was a while back.

Oh yea, Larsyn is learning to use the phone. Won't be long now til he is calling wanting to spend the night with grandpa and grana.

In about a week I will be taking the GMC back to camp. Teri will stay in it while she teaches classes. We have 4 older grandchildren coming in for camp. We can't wait. 2 from Az. and 2 from North In. Life is going to get fun for the next couple of weeks around here.
Hope everyone enjoyed the 4th. We sure did. Saw lots of fireworks. No posting  as I figured all look the same in pictures.
Come back and check on us. We are preparing for a trip to Wisconsin in about 3 weeks.


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