Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Driving Across Mississippi

Saturday we left Monroe, La. and headed north, up through Bastrop and over to the Big Mighty Muddy. You can see as we crossed the old bridge, at Greenville, that they are building a nice new modern bridge. This is going to be a nice place to cross when they finish. We were on 82 hiway which is now 4 lane all the way across Ms. A very nice drive. I really enjoyed crossing the state of Mississippi. Folks down here seem to take lots of pride in their cities. The main areas are clean and tidy. Folks were everywhere in the down town areas of the towns. We took some photos in Columbus. I was stationed there in the mid 70's, at the air base. My son, Brad, was born there in 75. Teri and I drove to the apartment complex where I lived when Brad was born. They have remodeled them and are selling as "condos". I had not been to Columbus in over 30 years but found it easy to remember the area and how to get around, even though it has really grown. Their down town was spotless, and busy, on a Saturday afternoon. I wanted to visit the confederate graveyard because my great grandfather's grandfather is buried there. He was killed in the civil war in 1862. The cemetary is in the middle of the city's cemetary and very well kept. When I lived in Columbus I did not know that he was there and never visited. I have been wanting to make this trip for over 10 years. Glad I did, even though his marker is not "marked" with his name. Many of the sites did have names on the tombstones. Wow, long time ago. Was a good visit.
Anyway, as normal, the pictures are posted in reverse. Teri and I are home now. Had a very nice drive, in our coach, from Hamilton, Al. yesterday. Sun was out and traffic was light. Now I see why retired folks enjoy driving places during the week. Everyone is working so the old folks get out and enjoy the scenery. I am adapting well.
Thanks for coming back to see what is up with us. We plan to hang around the house for a month or so before leaving again for the west. I have a few things I need to do to the motorhome before we take off again. It is good to be home and find out that we have been missed by our friends. I hope everyone has a group of friends like Teri and I do. Happy Thanksgiving to you and remember to be thankful for all of your blessings. Will see you again soon. Dan